Why I refuse to play the “Gender role” in fashion.

I always liked to dress up, showing off my body, the amulet of my heart and soul in a fashionable seductive way for my partner I adore and to others to be candy for their eyes. The mystery of who is slipping into these clothes and make heads spin that leaves an impression of beauty and warmth in their memories without having a conversation with me or knowing who I am. It makes me feel good to see others watch me with joy and curiosity without being judged on my appearance…..and here in that moment of discovery of my fashion style the problems arise in a society that is divided between feminine and masculine fashion and expectations.

Our society, with its rooted gender norms, will describe me as cross dresser or someone that is exploring his gender identity. It might be true for some, but neither of them is true to me. I like being  a man……I actually like it a lot when you look on how women get treated in our world. I like being masculine with my heart, emotionally strong, to love and to be loved, to cry if I have to and not to be ashamed to show emotions. Being a colorful person that can feel for others does not make me a weak man. I lay my head on my wife’s shoulder because it is the safest place in the world for me and it gives me the feeling of security and the freedom to show my true self. That doesn’t make me fragile. And that is why I dress how I dress. Fluid!

Colorful on some days, dark on others but always in a way that represents me the most. I could never go to a meeting in suit and tie because every male at the table will wear that. If you want to see the world you have to be seen by it in a way that is appealing to others. I strongly believe that a lot of males are fed up by our standards, which you can witness by the strong movement of non-binary fashion blogs and designers emerging all over the country. ( I will write a post about non-binary fashion as there is much that is bugging me.)

We are getting better at accepting and opening up more when it comes to fashion and gender. But we still have a long way to go and I encourage all men to dress more sexy for themselves and their partners and not for the coworkers in the office.


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